Bishop Consecrations

  1. Julia E. Whitworth elected 17th bishop of Massachusetts
    Posted May 20, 2024
  2. Philip N. LaBelle elected ninth bishop of Olympia
    Posted May 20, 2024
  3. Jeremiah Williamson ordained and consecrated 10th bishop of Albany
    Posted Feb 28, 2024
    By ENS Staff
  4. Kristin Uffelman White ordained and consecrated 10th bishop of Southern Ohio
    Posted Feb 20, 2024
  5. John Harmon ordained and consecrated 14th bishop of Arkansas
    Posted Jan 8, 2024
  6. House of Deputies vice president one of three candidates for Rochester bishop
    Posted Nov 21, 2023
    By ENS Staff
  7. Marine Corps veteran ready for ‘best job in the church’ as bishop overseeing military chaplains
    Posted Sep 27, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  8. Carrie Schofield-Broadbent consecrated Maryland bishop coadjutor
    Posted Sep 18, 2023
  9. Sally French consecrated bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey
    Posted Jun 27, 2023
  10. Justin S. Holcomb ordained and consecrated fifth bishop of Central Florida
    Posted Jun 12, 2023
  11. Matthew Heyd ordained and consecrated bishop coadjutor of New York
    Posted May 22, 2023
  12. Anne B. Jolly ordained and consecrated bishop coadjutor of the Diocese of Ohio
    Posted May 1, 2023
  13. Chicago Bishop Paula Clark credits faith for carrying her through health crisis, family tragedy
    Posted Apr 14, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  14. Elías García Cárdenas consecrated 5th bishop of Colombia
    Posted Feb 20, 2023
  15. David G. Read elected West Texas bishop coadjutor
    Posted Feb 20, 2023
  16. Sally French elected bishop of New Jersey
    Posted Jan 30, 2023
  17. E. Mark Stevenson consecrated 14th bishop of Diocese of Virginia
    Posted Dec 5, 2022
  18. Shannon Duckworth consecrated as bishop of Louisiana
    Posted Nov 23, 2022
  19. Douglas Scharf consecrated bishop coadjutor of Southwest Florida
    Posted Sep 28, 2022
  20. Paula Clark consecrated 13th bishop of Chicago
    Posted Sep 19, 2022