Anglican Communion

  1. In US visit, Anglican Communion secretary general defends structure, while conservatives call for changes
    Posted Apr 24, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  2. King Charles leads Commonwealth Day celebrations
    Posted Mar 15, 2023
  3. Archbishop of Canterbury spends time with Ukrainian refugees in Romania
    Posted Mar 14, 2023
  4. Steering group meets to discuss ‘witnessing together’ in Lambeth Conference’s third phase
    Posted Mar 7, 2023
  5. Episcopal ACC members return from Ghana with stories of engaging with Anglicans around world
    Posted Feb 21, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  6. Global South archbishops reject Welby’s leadership role, vow to ‘re-set’ Anglican Communion
    Posted Feb 20, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  7. Anglican Consultative Council vote shapes new Anglican Communion Standing Committee
    Posted Feb 20, 2023
  8. Provinces invited to name saints for inclusion on new worldwide Anglican Communion calendar
    Posted Feb 17, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  9. Jerusalem archbishop elected vice chair of Anglican Consultative Council
    Posted Feb 17, 2023
  10. Liverpool’s Maggie Swinson elected unopposed as Anglican Consultative Council chair
    Posted Feb 16, 2023
  11. Visit to castle’s dungeon in Ghana offers ACC lessons on church’s complicity in the transatlantic slave trade...
    Posted Feb 15, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  12. ACC discusses ‘good differentiation’ amid divisions in Anglican Communion on human sexuality
    Posted Feb 14, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  13. Anglican Communion secretary general delivers report to ACC-18
    Posted Feb 14, 2023
  14. Anglican Consultative Council members emphasized urgency of ‘good safeguarding’
    Posted Feb 14, 2023
  15. Archbishop of Canterbury beats African drums to officially open ACC-18 meeting in Ghana
    Posted Feb 13, 2023
  16. Archbishop of Canterbury opens ACC meeting with call for egalitarian respect between provinces
    Posted Feb 12, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  17. Church of England General Synod endorses bishops’ proposal for same-sex blessings
    Posted Feb 9, 2023
    By Egan Millard
  18. Provinces prepare to send representatives to Ghana for Anglican Consultative Council meeting
    Posted Feb 1, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  19. International reconciliation and mediation practitioner will direct Anglican Communion’s work at the UN
    Posted Jan 26, 2023
  20. Archbishop of Burundi refutes ‘fake news’ of departure from the Anglican Communion
    Posted Jan 24, 2023