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Stone Music
Posted Oct 27, 2022

Dwight Stone, composer, conductor and pianist

The Stone Student Scholarship offers tangible incentives for students to explore new, creative avenues, especially where the rewards of enjoyment outweigh the investment of time and energy in learning new repertoire. As a songwriter, Dwight Stone encourages all people to practice and hone their own skills and creativity in the direction they are drawn.

Why does some music resonate with you and not others? Are you ready for some new music that moves you and keeps you thoroughly entertained? Music, the combination of melody, rhythm, harmony, counterpoint and text can transport you to another realm. The music has a balance between virtuosity and aesthetic or emotional appeal. In today’s fast-paced world full of sounds, aesthetics are often underestimated and sacrificed to flash and virtuosity. Where to look for solid compositions with a balanced emphasis on aesthetics?

The Stonemusique catalogue offers an abundance of such compositions with intrinsic emotional appeal: for piano solo, instrumental duets, ensemble and choir.

Having grown up improvising and experimenting with harmonies, Dwight Stone has acquired a pen touch that enchants, inspires and moves. For this concert, after completing the competition and evaluation, students will perform their favourite Dwight Stone compositions.

Let yourself be carried away by the harmonic adventures of “In the Garden” or the longing melody of “A Voice from Afar”, the chorus of “Whither Thou Goest” or the coda of “The Eternal Quest”. Here you will find a range of attractive, award-winning compositions, a fresh repertoire for your musical palette and a joy to play and listen to.