Waupaca church raises funds for refugees

St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Waupaca, Wisconsin
Posted Oct 14, 2021

The Rev. Julia Hendrix and St. Mark’s Vestry Members with donation for refugees.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Waupaca, Wisconsin has raised more than $6,300 for Afghan and Haitian refugees. Six weeks ago, when Afghan refugees and Haitian refugees simultaneously required financial assistance, the members of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church decided they needed to help.

“We know we have been blessed with so much here in Wisconsin,” stated the Rev. Julia Hendrix, rector of St. Mark’s. “We believe that whenever someone is in need, as Christians, we have a duty to make sure that they are cared for.”

Many larger non-profit organizations were able to quickly step up and aid the refugees. However, smaller organizations such as churches, while not having the ability to immediately help, still want to contribute.

“Many small organizations don’t realize that they can have an impact too,” stated Hendrix. “Whether it’s raising money, providing a hot meal, teaching someone how to read and write – those are things anyone can do.  And it has tremendous value!”

“The spirit of giving is alive and well at St. Mark’s. We are always looking to help the needy, whether they are here in Wisconsin or worldwide,” stated Patricia Pfeifer, Senior Warden of St. Mark’s.

The money raised will go to Episcopal Relief & Development and Episcopal Migration Ministries. Episcopal Relief & Development is the compassionate response of The Episcopal Church to human suffering in the world and serves to bring together the generosity of Episcopalians and others with the needs of the world. Episcopal Migration Ministries welcomes refugees, educates communities, and mobilizes congregations to advocate for the protection and rights of all migrants.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church is a small 80-member church in Waupaca, Wisconsin.  Founded in 1856, St. Mark’s has been a fixture in the Waupaca area. St. Mark’s Episcopal Church is a church in the Episcopal Diocese of Fond du Lac, which is one of three Episcopal dioceses in Wisconsin.