The FaithX Project and Episcopal Church Foundation relaunch the Episcopal Pulse Survey

The FaithX Project and Episcopal Church Foundation
Posted Nov 15, 2023

The FaithX Project and the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) are proud to announce the relaunch of the Episcopal Pulse Survey. The Pulse was first introduced as an experiment by TryTank Experimental Laboratory and The FaithX Project as a series of 39 weekly, 2-minute micro-surveys. These concise surveys featured 1-2 thought-provoking questions and engaged ordained and lay Episcopalians from all walks of life.

Building on the experiment’s success, ECF is thrilled to partner with FaithX to continue the Episcopal Pulse as a monthly 5-minute micro-survey in 2024. The Pulse will dive deeper into the topics explored in the pilot, giving ECF and FaithX insights on the most pressing topics facing our church today. These learnings will enrich FaithX and ECF’s resources for congregational leaders and enhance their programs to better serve local Episcopal communities.

At the heart of the Episcopal Pulse are its dedicated respondents — individuals who understand the importance of contributing to the ongoing conversation within The Episcopal Church. Members of the Episcopal Pulse will:

  • Contribute their wisdom to shape ECF/FaithX programs and resources supporting Episcopal communities and congregational leadership.
  • Receive a free ‘sneak peek’ of survey results shared back with them when they receive their next survey.
  • Enter a monthly draw for a gift from one of our partners as a token of appreciation for sharing their thoughts.

Whether you are ordained or lay, your insights are vital to this initiative. The Episcopal Pulse relies on the wisdom and experiences of the wide Episcopal community to guide it toward a more vital future. Click here to join the Episcopal Pulse community.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to suggest a survey topic/theme, please send your inquiries to Please also visit the Episcopal Pulse webpage for more information.


About The FaithX Project: FaithX is a non-profit, faith-based consulting, research, and resource development practice, helping congregations survive and thrive in challenging times through data-grounded discernment and vision-guided experimentation, working alongside them to identify and understand their vitality and sustainability, and the opportunities and challenges in the communities they serve, and how to leverage their strengths to engage the opportunities. FaithX has done ground-breaking work in applying this approach to a variety of areas including, strategic planning, leadership transition, leveraging property and building, mitigating structural racism, predicting, and preventing homelessness, creation care, and more, and has partnered with ECF to develop several innovative tools, including the Congregational Vitality Assessment (CVA), the CVA Judicatory Platform, and the soon-to-be-launched Judicatory Vitality Assessment. We are grateful to ECF for its partnership in transforming the Episcopal Pulse from its experimental beginnings into an ongoing learning and planning resource for congregational, diocesan, and denominational leaders in The Episcopal Church.

About The Episcopal Church Foundation: Founded in 1949, ECF is an independent, lay-led and inclusive organization that helps build, vitalize and transform Episcopal faith communities focusing on formation, finance and resources. The Adaptive Ministries team at ECF works to equip, resource, and inspire communities of faith to discover what God is calling them to be in a changing church and world. To that end, we are excited to explore the insights from the Episcopal Pulse and are confident they will enrich our resources for congregational leaders and enhance our programs to better serve Episcopal communities.