The Episcopal Church in Western Oregon Adopts Resolution in Support of Oregon Ballot Measure 114

Episcopal Diocese of Oregon
Posted Oct 31, 2022

On Saturday, October 29th, at the 134th Annual Meeting of the Convention of the Episcopal Church in Western Oregon, the convention adopted Resolution 3: Resolution Supporting Oregon 2022’s Statewide Measure 114 regarding gun violence in a 242 – 7 vote. This resolution follows the 80th General Convention of The Episcopal Church’s Resolution B006: Investing in State-Level Gun Violence Prevention Advocacy, which urges “dioceses of The Episcopal Church to advocate for safe gun legislation with their state governments.”

With the adoption of Resolution 3, the Episcopal Church in Western Oregon, through Lift Every Voice Oregon, a non-profit organization focused on reducing gun violence in Oregon, officially “endorses and urges all diocesan institutions and congregations to read and consider offering support of Ballot Measure 114.”

This Ballot Measure calls for the following gun safety reforms:

  • Requiring a permit to purchase a firearm, to increase responsible gun ownership
  • Requiring passing a background check prior to release of a firearm
  • Restricting availability of high-capacity magazines for automatic weapons

“We are called, because of our belief in a God who is loving and life-giving, to hold ourselves accountable regarding the safety and well-being of our communities,” said the Rt. Rev. Diana Akiyama, Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Western Oregon. “Too many innocent lives have already been lost because of gun violence. It is our Christian duty to protect the vulnerable. We need to unite around the care and concern for safety in our communities. Requiring permits, a completed background check and limiting the sale of high-capacity magazines are a step in that direction.”

The Convention of the Episcopal Church in Western Oregon is composed of 335 delegates representing 68 faith communities in the western part of Oregon, including the cities of Portland, Salem, Eugene, Ashland, and Medford.