The Association of Anglican Musicians announces the Brittenback-Meezan Presidential Award

Association of Anglican Musicians
Posted Dec 16, 2022

Intended as a resource for small- and mid-sized congregations in the Episcopal Church, the Brittenback-Meezan Presidential Award is an annual $3,000 grant which demonstrates the value of continuing education as a means of enlivening worship and deepening Christian understanding through music. To that end, the grantee parish will commit an additional $1,000 to this award, for a total annual grant of $4,000.

Episcopal parishes with limited resources are encouraged to apply on behalf of their staff musician. Applications from rectors, in consultation with their church’s musician, will be accepted by AAM’s president who, under the advisement of its elected Board, will match the musician with a mentor from among its membership. That mentor will work with the musician on skills necessary for leading worship in the Episcopal Church, and will be responsible for reporting to the board how the funds are used. The church will be responsible for any necessary tax reporting (e.g. issuing a 1099 form for the AAM mentor).

This program is intended to aid a musician who is inexperienced as an Episcopal church musician in developing the skills required to more successfully lead programs and worship that fully live into the Anglican tradition, including a deeper understanding of Episcopal liturgy, service playing on the organ, and training a choir to lead worship. Funds can be used for:

  1. organ lessons with an AAM mentor and/or
  2. choral conducting coaching with an AAM mentor and/or
  3. the costs of attending AAM’s 2023 Dallas Conference.

If the awarded musician is not already a member, the grant includes a one-year AAM Affiliate Membership.

Applications should be received by February 15, 2023. The award will be granted by March 15, 2023 and must be used during the 2023 calendar year. The application form can be completed online at

This annual award is made possible by current AAM member, W. Michael Brittenback, in honor of his late husband, Bill Meezan.