St. Michael’s Food Pantry awarded Neighborhood Grant from The Starbucks Foundation

St Michael's Mission, Diocese of Spokane
Posted May 11, 2023

Volunteers working in St. Michael’s Food Pantry

As part of The Starbucks Foundation’s Neighborhood Grants program, St. Michaels Food Pantry, a program of Between the Ridges, non-profit, was selected to receive a $1,000 grant. St. Michael’s Food Pantry is operated by congregational and community volunteers out of St. Michaels’ Episcopal Mission in Yakima WA, in the Diocese of Spokane.

This grant award is thanks to a nomination from Clay Jackson, former Starbucks partner (employee) and member of our sister congregation, St. Matthew’s in Prosser, WA. Through this unique program, The Starbucks Foundation invites Starbucks partners (employees) to nominate a local organization in their community.  Since 2019, more than 8,000 organizations have been awarded grants, amounting to more than $12.5 million.

St. Michael’s Pantry, an all-volunteer operation, is open every Friday morning, annually serving about 2500 unduplicated individuals, from infants to elders, in close to 800 households, providing over 3000 boxes of groceries.  In addition to the pantry, St Michael’s in downtown Yakima, WA is a hub of other outreach to our local neighborhood. Daily people are in the building for a variety of support groups, community meals, educational events and we work with a variety of community partners to provide critical services. For example, each Wednesday a local agency partner brings their shower trailer, hooks up to our water and electricity.  Each week people struggling with homelessness can take a shower, use restroom facilities, do laundry, and meet with outreach workers to connect to needed services.

Yakima Neighborhood Health Services Shower Trailer

The Rev. David Hacker, Priest at St Michael’s says, “We are so grateful for this support which helps to ensure that we can continue to provide these needed services to the hungry and homeless in our community.”

The Starbucks Foundation’s Neighborhood Grants program supports grassroots, community-led nonprofit organizations through catalytic investments in the form of grants. Neighborhood Grants also help build sustained local impact and inspire increased partner (employee) engagement with nonprofit organizations that work in their communities. “Our partners (employees) know their communities best, and have shared great insights about the organizations helping to uplift others in their neighborhoods, from addressing homelessness and fighting hunger to supporting youth and families,” said Alicia Vermaele, executive director of The Starbucks Foundation. “Through our latest round of Neighborhood Grants, we’re proud to support local organizations nominated by Starbucks partners who make our communities stronger.”

Learn more about the Neighborhood Grants program at Starbucks Stories.  Established in 1997, The Starbucks Foundation is a Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization under U.S. law.