St. John’s Cathedral, Jacksonville, Embarks on a Unique Fundraising Campaign

St. John's Cathedral
Posted Aug 14, 2020

Dean Kate Moorehead handing the satchel to “Pony Express” driver, Marsha Hohimer.

The Stewardship & Development Council at St. John’s Cathedral knew they were facing a strange pledge season: one of social distancing and self-isolation because of Covid-19. (If you are unfamiliar with pledging and church stewardship, this is a fundraising campaign that helps the church plan and budget for the upcoming year.) How could they create a campaign that builds community, meets our financial needs and bring us together? They found their answer in good, old-fashioned Pony Express-style campaign and called it “Count on Me.” Everyone can play a part! Just as the Pony Express helped spread important news and bind our nation during the Civil War, the Count on Me pony express campaign will help the Cathedral join together in this time of pandemic.

On Sunday, August 9, about 50 team leaders (these are the Pony Express riders) were sent out with satchels from the Cathedral to all corners of the Jacksonville metro area. Each team leader has a delivery list with of 8-10 households along with pledge cards and information. The leader will bring the satchel to the first home on the list. After the recipient fills out the pledge card, seals it, and places it back in the satchel, they will pass the satchel on to the next person. To add a little fun, participants are encouraged to snap a selfie and tag it with #SJCCountonMe.

All satchels will be returned to the Cathedral at the end of the month for a special Ingathering Sunday, August 30. With only three weeks on the road, this is the fastest and most unique pledge drive ever. At St. John’s Cathedral, we are forging a new trail together for a brighter future…giddy up!


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