Special offering will help Navajoland ministry

Posted May 14, 2014

[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs press release] Episcopalians have a great opportunity to aid and participate in the ministry for Native Americans through a special offering that will assist the ongoing mission work in Navajoland.

The Navajoland Area Mission is 26,000 square miles that spreads over Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.

“For over 100 years The Episcopal Church has had a presence in Navajoland,” Bishop David E. Bailey stated in an April letter sent to all congregations. “As we work to reclaim our traditional spirituality and culture, we must simultaneously address the damage incurred by our history. Some of that damage is emotional and some of it is physical.”

Among the requests cited by Bishop Bailey is the construction of new hooghans, a traditional Navajoland dwelling. He is asking for funds to build the ceremonial and educational hooghan at St. Christopher Mission in Bluff, Utah, one of the churches of Navajoland.

Hooghans cost $25,000 to build and are used for traditional ceremonies as well as educational purposes.

“I hope that you will consider joining us in prayer and giving to this Special Offering which promises new life for our people,” Bishop Bailey said.

Donations can be made online here or send checks to The Development Office, The Episcopal Church Center, 815 Second Ave., NY NY 10017.

For more information contact Cornelia Eaton at ceaton@ec-n.org.