SIM unveils cutting-edge Apple Vision Pro 3D technology at the 81st General Convention

The Society for the Increase of the Ministry
Posted Jun 18, 2024

The Society for the Increase of the Ministry announced today the launch of Walk Into the Future an Apple Vision Pro tool for discernment and visualization that will be featured in booth #1104 of the General Convention’s exhibition hall, June 21 through June 27.

“We have applied some of the most cutting-edge technology currently available to create an elevating multi-sensory meditation on our role in creating God’s future. Its intention is to support Christian leaders considering what might be possible now that has never been possible before,” explained Dr. Courtney Cowart, Executive Director of SIM. “This tool is SIM’s gift to our church as we gather to listen for God’s guidance and feel the inspiration of the Holy Spirit leading us into the future.”

Filmed in thrilling AVP video by Bowers Content Studio, with an original soundtrack composed and performed by Grammy award-winning pianist and composer, Gary Malkin, and a powerful voice over recorded by The Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers, the 9-minute 3D guided visualization, utilizing a spiritual practice developed by Cowart and her colleague Jim Goodmann, leads viewers through a process of discerning, “God’s future that is seeking to emerge through us.”

SIM envisions this tool as a resource for future diocesan conventions, youth gatherings, and other contexts where members of the Episcopal Church are discerning the way forward.

All are invited to SIM booth #1104 to engage this practice in an Apple Vision Pro headset, and to share your visions of ”the future that is waiting to be born through us.”