Shaping the Parish Series on Amazon

Order of the Ascension
Posted Jun 21, 2024

Walking after Morning Prayer.

The Shaping the Parish Series is a resource for parish development grounded in the knowledge and methods of Anglican ascetical theology and organization development. The eight books include material on: the parish’s intrinsic dynamics and rhythms​; shaping a healthy and faithful parish community; facilitating both stability and change; focusing on what is most strategic and developmental; teaching people to pray; and the process of change in a parish. The books are available for Kindle and as paperbacks.

The Shaping the Parish Books

Two excerpts from the books are available on-line: The worship of God​: It carried within it an energy not its own and Parish Cultural Density​: An inquiring and discerning heart.

Ascension Press and the two-year, Zoom based Shaping the Parish training program are offerings of the Order of the Ascension. The Order is a dispersed Benedictine religious order with a charism given to the development of parish churches grounded in Anglican pastoral and ascetical theology, especially Benedictine spirituality.

Ascension Press has also made available, at no cost, several out-of-print books and booklets that can be downloaded from its website.