Report: 2023 Episcopal Musician Compensation Survey

Association of Anglican Musicians
Posted Sep 10, 2023

The Association of Anglican Musicians (AAM) has published the 2023 Compensation Survey Report, which outlines salary data for musicians working in the Episcopal Church and who are members of the Association of Anglican Musicians.

The Compensation Survey Report was developed as a replacement for the AAM Salary Guidelines (which were last updated in 2020). Dr. Erica Dollhopf was commissioned by the Board of the Association to conduct this survey, since she had already completed the 2020 Vision Survey for the Association.

Founded in 1966, the Association of Anglican Musicians is a member-led nonprofit of musicians and clergy serving in the Episcopal Church and internationally within the Anglican Communion. The Association is registered as a 501(c)(3) charity and is also supported by the Friends of AAM and other sponsors.

The data contained in this survey is for informational purposes only. While AAM always hopes that its members will be fairly and adequately compensated for their work, AAM makes no specific recommendations to any hiring institution regarding compensation and the results of the survey in no way bind or commit AAM members or their employers in reaching agreements regarding compensation and benefits.