New Podcast: Reflections with Bishop Peter Eaton

Episcopal Church in Southeast Florida
Posted Jan 9, 2024

The Episcopal Church in Southeast Florida is excited to announce that we have launched a brand new podcast called Reflections with Bishop Peter Eaton.

How can our Christian faith and our tradition of spiritual wisdom offer gentle guidance as we face the joys and challenges of living? Join Bishop Eaton, spiritual leader to more than 33,000 people in 74 congregations, 18 schools, and other special ministries of the Episcopal Church in Southeast Florida, for conversations on the intersection of faith and our human living. Bishop Eaton and podcast guests will share thoughtful observations in faithful living that help us to grow in the teachings and love of Jesus.  Each episode is sure to nurture and inspire your spiritual practice.

Tune in to the first episode today. It is with the guest the Reverend Dr. Mary Ellen Cassini, Chaplain of Palmer Trinity School in Miami. The podcast is available to listen on your favorite podcast apps: Apple, Spotify, and RSS. Or, you can simply type: Bishop Peter Eaton.