New book on the history of the Diocese of Indianapolis
The story of one church’s transformation, told through the lens of a mid-American city

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Posted Jun 6, 2024

Church Publishing announces the publication of Changing Mission, Unchanging Faith, by Lee Little, the Assistant Historiographer of The Episcopal Church.

In recent decades, Protestant churches and dioceses across America have struggled with how to address demographic changes and broad social forces while continuing to pursue their mission of following the gospel. The Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, consisting of a set of unique Episcopal institutions, was no different. Yet, despite its challenges—and its close connection to historic, class-based structures and their resulting tensions—it was able to transform from one of the most institutionalist religious groups in the city to one of the most progressive in the country.

Lee Little tells the story of this transformation, which can serve as a powerful example for other churches in the nation wrestling with similar issues.  “This timely and incisive volume provides … crucial insight into how we arrived at today’s moment. Little’s book is invaluable reading for the wider Episcopal Church as it grapples with its legacies of power and prestige,” says Greg Baker, Canon for Spiritual Formation, Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis.

 “Little has a gift for engaging the history of our diocese in ways that draws us toward deeper discovery. Changing Mission, Unchanging Faith is a book that tells the fuller history of the Diocese of Indianapolis, and we are better for it,” says Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, Eleventh Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis.

Prior to Little’s appointment as Assistant Historiographer of The Episcopal Church, he served as historiographer of the Diocese of Indianapolis from 2019 to 2022. He is a law librarian at Indiana University and focuses his scholarship on religious institutions and social trends in Indiana. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Changing Mission, Unchanging Faith

Episcopalians and Influence in Indianapolis


Paperback, $39.95

4 June 2024

208 Pages

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