Louisville Institute/Lilly Endowment Fund Postdoctoral Fellowship at General Seminary for Dr. Jee Hei Park

General Seminary
Posted Oct 5, 2020

Dr. Jee Hei Park, Visiting Assistant Professor of New Testament and Louisville Institute Postdoctoral Fellow at General Seminary

The Louisville Institute recently awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship for Dr. Jee Hei Park’s continued scholarship at General Seminary.

Dr. Jee Hei Park is now Visiting Assistant Professor of New Testament and Louisville Institute Postdoctoral Fellow at General Seminary. Park received her Ph.D. in New Testament and Early Christianity from Fordham University in New York City, where she was a dissertation fellow for Forum for Theological Education. Her dissertation “All Citizens of Christ: A Cosmopolitan Reading of Unity and Diversity in Paul’s Letters” interprets Paul’s language of citizenship and unity in Philippians, 1 Corinthians, Galatians, and Romans through the lens of Greco-Roman cosmopolitanism and is in the process of being published as a monograph. Her research focuses on the construction of Christian identities and their intersection with racial/ethnic, socio-political, and cultural diversities in the Mediterranean world. She earned a Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School.

As a theological educator, Park endeavors to create space in which students embark on their journey of reasoning, questioning, and cultivating open minds toward academic and spiritual growth and transformation. She is also committed to developing innovative and thought-provoking curricula and programs that help students examine intellectual, spiritual, historical, social, and practical influences of faith and Scripture. She enjoys teaching at General where different perspectives, methodologies, and approaches are not only discussed but also welcomed. At General, Dr. Park has taught courses on the world of early Christianity and Christology and led a trip to the archaeological sites in Turkey and Greece.

Related to her work within the academy and its relevance to the church today, Dr. Park stated: “I am especially interested in human diversity and social unity. I believe that my research helps my students open their minds and be more inclusive of all differences in terms of ethnicity, race, gender, and even different religions… In antiquity, early Christian believers also had significant diversity amongst themselves. So it is my hope and prayer that my students can create meaning out of this 2000 year old text, and then I want them to show to their parishes and members of the church that this text still matters to us. This text is still relevant, and even transformative to our lives.”

Dr. Park credits a strong community of faculty and students to the continued success of the seminary, as well as their shared goals and development: “I have had a really great experience here at General. I appreciate that whatever perspective I bring to the faculty and the students, they are able to open their hearts and open their minds. And I think that really makes great change. I am really grateful that I have such great colleagues and we learn from each other. We respect each other’s academy interests. We’re really a family, and that’s the energy that will drive us through this time.”

The Very Rev. Kurt H. Dunkle, Dean and President, praised the work of Dr. Park in both academia and her presence as a teacher: “Jee Hei Park always brings the best of the church and the best of the academy. Our students will continue to benefit from the sharp intellect and warmth as an instructor. God is good!”

This development is also significant, as the seminary is committed to being a supportive community for early career scholars. By supporting newer scholars alongside the seminary’s more seasoned veteran faculty members, the seminary provides not only a superb education for current students, but also offers training for the next generation of faculty members in theological academia.

Funded by the Religion Division of Lilly Endowment, Louisville Institute awards grants and fellowships to those who lead and study North American religious institutions and practices, advancing scholarship to strengthen church, academy, and wider society.

Contact: Joshua Bruner, Director of Communications at General Seminary, bruner@gts.edu