Lent resource from Jerusalem: Roads of Hurt and Hope

St. George's College, Jerusalem
Posted Jan 22, 2024

A timely and invigorating resource for groups or individuals, for Lent or at any time, comes from Canon Dr Andrew Mayes writing very recently while chaplain at St George’s College Jerusalem. Roads of Hurt and Hope invites us to walk 5 biblical roads, looking at Scripture and key issues, aided by the voices of those who actually live on these archetypal roads today. Abraham and Sarah’s Way of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs leads us along one of the most dangerous roads in the West Bank to meet a young priest at Nablus who shares his story. The ancient Via Maris becomes the tragic Salaheddin Road at Gaza and leads us beyond, to Galilee. The Jerusalem-Jericho Road takes us through the Judean wilderness to meet local displaced Bedouin. On the Way of the Cross we engage with Muslim, Jewish and Christian residents, and on the Road to Emmaus we meet those engaged in vital interfaith and reconciliation work. Sessions include scripture, vivid descriptions and photos, short interviews, challenging questions for our discipleship and energizing prayer exercises. 

Profits go to the Diocese of Jerusalem for the rebuilding of the Anglican hospital in Gaza. Just published by Wipf and Stock and available here.

This resource for individuals or groups helps create a bond of solidarity with those presently suffering in the Holy Land, while enabling a fresh look at scripture in such a way as to deepen and expand our discipleship – while raising funds for our Anglican brothers and sisters there.

“In the midst of the current conflict in the Middle East we desperately need to hear stories of faith forged in the fire of contemporary experience.  This timely and unique resource takes us on a journey that blends the traditional and the contemporary. We are invited to the challenge of living out the timeless truths of our faith in our current reality, inspired by those living through the most intense suffering. This is Bible study as it should be, not an academic theoretical exercise but the word made flesh.  Everyone who takes this journey will be stirred and encouraged to a deeper walk with God.”

 Richard Jackson, Bishop of Hereford

“Andrew Mayes brings biblical texts alive with color, texture and depth by siting them in the context of the land which he knows well. He also brings grit because he sets the text in the current challenging realities. It makes for fruitful and challenging Bible study.”

Richard Sewell,  Dean of St George’s College Jerusalem

Roads of Hurt and Hope is original in its concept, attractive in its varied material, and urgently topical.”

The Church Times