Lay leaders convene to explore ‘Mission in the New Reality’ at recent gathering

Gathering of Leaders
Posted May 14, 2024

Last week, lay leaders from across the nation gathered in Memphis, TN for a Gathering hosted by Gathering of Leaders (GOL). Focused on the theme “Mission in the New Reality,” this Gathering provided a platform for leaders to exchange innovative missional strategies, learn new facilitation techniques, and challenge conventional perceptions of church structures in today’s changing world.

Representatives included Vestry members, diocesan staff, formation professionals, seminary educators, and more, comprising a diverse array of leadership within the local church. Their collaborative discussions not only broadened their perspectives on the Episcopal church but also underscored its distinct role within contemporary society.

Dr. Stephen Fowl, President and Dean of the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, reflected on the event, stating, ” Many other Episcopal organizations are addressing the church of the ‘now.’ GOL is looking at the church of the future.”

Peer-led presentations included outreach and community engagement as an extension of our faith, exploring the theological foundations of ministry amidst societal and political complexities, embracing innovation and evolution in ministries, and highlighting the pivotal role of lay leaders in shaping the future of the church.

The next Gathering for Lay Leaders is scheduled to occur in Scottsdale, AR, from October 21-23, 2024, centering on the theme of “Racial Reconciliation and Discipleship in the Missionary Church.” Interested individuals can learn more about GOL and inquire to join.

The purpose of the Gathering of Leaders is to assist in the empowerment, support and development of such leaders. To this end, the Gathering provides a place for leaders to come together without contentiousness and partisanship to share their love of the Christ and of the Church, to empower each other through mutual encouragement, to deepen their skills as transformational leaders, to establish networks which will aid their ministries, and to clarify their understanding of God’s emerging vision for the renewed Episcopal Church.

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