Further wisdom from John Woolley

John Hunt Publishing Ltd
Posted May 28, 2019

Book Cover of forthcoming new book from John Woolley

The way in which we see God’s relationship with us can be revolutionized by reading The Friendship Of Jesus and God’s Secret. So many struggling Christians have not come across the way in which His love can affect us.

This book will open a new dimension in our thinking – combined with practical ways of immediately making what we are learning part of our lives. The result? A larger place for the love of Jesus in our hearts, whoever we are!

This combined book features wisdom from two otherwise-unavailable John Woolley texts, and will speak to young and old readers alike. From the author of the bestselling devotional I Am With You.

Teaching about Jesus in the most natural possible way. Church Times

The Rev. John Woolley was ordained a priest in the Church of England in 1964 and served parishes in Liverpool Diocese for many years before becoming a chaplain in hospitals in Sunderland and Hertfordshire. He died in 2008