Feed My Sheep theme of Western Kansas Diocesan Convention

Episcopal Diocese of Western Kansas
Posted Nov 15, 2023

Delegates enjoying the fellowship and outreach project.

“Feed My Sheep” was the theme for the Diocese of Western Kansas 56th Annual Diocesan Convention on October 20-21, 2023, in Salina, KS.

Just a portion of the assembled “Helping” Bags

“At Diocesan Convention we have always talked about outreach, but this year decided to do outreach,” said Bishop Mark Cowell.” That is exactly what the delegates and guests did. They formed an assembly line and put together “Helpings” bags. “Helpings” bags are Ziplock bags of shelf- stable foods that were to be distributed in the communities in and across the diocese. Each church was assigned a certain number of one shelf-stable item to bring to convention. Each person was seated by someone from another church so they could visit and get to know other people from around the Diocese while assembling the bags. The project was an example of how any church, large or small, can do an outreach project to feed the hungry.

It took about an hour and a half to assemble 1000 bags. Each church was asked to take at least 25 bags and distribute them in their communities. There were no “Helpings” bags left when convention ended.

Any food items that were left over were donated to the Thanksgiving boxes at the Emmaus House in Garden City, KS.