Episcopal Service Corps now part of Episcopal Church’s Faith Formation Department

Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs
Posted Oct 29, 2018

Responding to General Convention resolution B017, the Episcopal Church’s Faith Formation Department and the Board of Directors of Episcopal Service Corps (ESC) announced today that the functions and tasks of the 501(c)(3) organized as Episcopal Service Corps will be transferred to the Faith Formation Department of the Episcopal Church effective January 1, 2019.

While dioceses and local faith communities have been experimenting with young adult intentional communities for decades, Episcopal Service Corps began nearly 10 years ago when six programs identified a set of common needs and created a covenanted community for sharing resources and support. Since that time, Episcopal Service Corps has grown into a nationwide network of more than 20 independently incorporated intentional communities that share common recruitment, best practices and gather online and in person for education and mutual support.

“During its first ten years, the passionate and innovative leadership of Episcopal Service Corps and its member programs drove tremendous growth and developed new models for ministry. However, the landscape for this work has changed, reflecting the changing reality of dioceses and young adults,” said Jason Sierra, Board Chair of Episcopal Service Corps. “At our recent gathering, the board, program directors, and various stakeholders discerned that the resources, expertise, and network of the Episcopal Church’s Faith Formation Department, working in an innovative partnership with our program directors, will help unleash new visions and possibilities for ministry with young adults.”

“The Episcopal Service Corps is a significant and essential ministry of young people in the Episcopal Church,” said Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. “In coming together in intentional community, deepening their engagement with Jesus through both prayer and service, these young adults offer a tangible expression of the Way of Love, serving as the hands and feet of the Jesus Movement.”

“The programs and people that make up Episcopal Service Corps are filled with a deep and abiding passion for community, justice, and prayer” said Wendy Johnson, Officer for Programs and Events, who will be coordinating the Episcopal Service Corps network. “Our Department looks forward to joining these vibrant communities in continuing to nurture the programs and directors, promote the sharing of resources, and identify new ways that Episcopal Service Corps can spark new movements and new visions for young adult ministry in the Episcopal Church.”

ESC Recruitment Starts November 1; Application Opens December 1

Recruitment for the 2019-2020 program year will kick-off on November 1 with release of a discernment survey designed to encourage potential ESC members to enter a period of prayer and reflection in preparation for making application to serve. The application will open December 1.

Because each Episcopal Service Corps program is incorporated locally with individual by-laws and requirements, application requirements vary by program. Generally, ESC programs require corps members to be 21-29 years old. However, a few programs offer positions to people outside of that range, offering positions to people as young as 18 years old and up to 32 years old. While some programs may give preference to Episcopal applicants, potential Corps members are not required to be Episcopalian to participate. See this ESC FAQ for more: https://episcopalservicecorps.org/faq/.

Questions about Episcopal Service Corps, contact Wendy Johnson, wjohnson@episcopalchurch.org.

The survey, application, and other details are posted to the Episcopal Service Corps website, www.episcopalservicecorps.org.