Episcopal Divinity School launches new podcast mini-series

Episcopal Divinity School
Posted Jun 14, 2024

This June, Episcopal Divinity School (EDS) launched its new podcast mini-series, Leading Voices: EDS at General Convention. The podcast series features Interim President the Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas Douglas in conversation with a range of bishops as they address the pressing challenges facing the church today and the role of theological education and formation in equipping faith leaders for these challenges. The first episode was released on June 6, 2024, and two episodes per week will be released throughout the month of June.

Throughout the series, Interim President Douglas engages podcast guests on a variety of topics, including the necessary work of dismantling white Christian nationalism, the importance of building beloved community, and how we can strive to work together across differences in an increasingly polarized world. Podcasts guests include:

“What does it mean for us to be church in these challenging and uncertain times in which we find ourselves today? How do we form leaders for the world we have and the world we want to see? ” asks EDS Interim President the Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas. “The intention of this podcast series,” she says, “is not to answer these questions, but rather to invite listeners into engaging conversations with bishops in our church as they tackle these issues. Each of these  conversations expanded my imagination for what it means to be church in leading the way toward a community and world that reflects our just and loving God. They will no doubt do the same for those who listen.”

The Leading Voices podcast is a mini-series within EDS’ Just Conversations podcast, which launched in 2018. The EDS Just Conversations podcast features theologians, faith leaders, educators, and community organizers working at the intersection of church and society and the ever-changing world of theological education.

The EDS Just Conversations podcast, including the Leading Voices mini-series, is available on all podcast streaming platforms. Listen here or search “Just Conversations Episcopal Divinity School” wherever you get your podcasts.