Podcast: Easter and the profound significance of the resurrection

The Episcopal Church in Southeast Florida
Posted Apr 3, 2024

In Bishop Peter Eaton’s latest podcast, he has a conversation with Mother Julia Gatta, professor of pastoral theology at Sewanee: The University of the South’s School of Theology. Exploring the meaning of Easter and the profound significance of the resurrection, their conversation illumines possible pathways for individuals striving to enrich their faith and deepen their life in Christ. With insightful perspectives and practical guidance, this discussion offers inspiration for those navigating their spiritual journey, fostering a deeper understanding of the profound mystery of Easter. As Bishop Eaton and Mother Gatta discuss the meaning of the resurrection for Jesus and for us, listeners are invited to enter more deeply into the hope of Easter, guiding them towards a more profound connection with the transformative power of Christ’s resurrection.

The podcast is available to listen on your favorite podcast apps: Apple, Spotify, and RSS.