Creation Care Caucus in full swing

Green Deputies Caucus of General Convention
Posted Apr 26, 2024

The Creation Care Caucus of more than 30 lay and clergy deputies and alternates has developed or submitted a number of resolutions and memorials, and members are observing or testifying to legislative committees.

Convention attendees can find the Creation Care Caucus and find information about the Caucus at the TEC Creation Care and Justice booth in the Exhibit Hall. When not on the floor in legislative sessions, Green Deputies will be supporting staff as volunteers at the booth and making presentations about care of creation actions and issues.

Caucus members will participate in several events such as a Learning Party June 22, with workshops on Creation Care, and a public blessing of the Convention chapel on Friday, June 21. The chapel will be a quiet space of refuge and a place to reflect, with a care of creation theme and support for ecological grief.

Starting Sunday June 23, daily Creation Care Caucus lunches will be held in Room L17-L18 of the Convention Center, where Legislative Committee 15 meets. The daily lunches may include a presentation on an aspect of current legislation. And a joint lunch meeting with the Green Bishops is planned.

“We will have a Green Deputies cell phone circle to communicate at Convention, and the Green Deputies Caucus of The Episcopal Church Facebook page is another way for deputies and supporters coordinate and keep informed,” said Emily Hopkins, Diocese of California and convener of the caucus.

A Memorial to be heard at the 75th Synod of Province VIII in May sets out broad legislative themes for the caucus These themes are:

● Affirm the Task Force on the Care of Creation & Environmental Racism resolutions A020 – Establish a Standing Commission, A021 – Create a Care of Creation Loan Fund, and A022 Support the Anglican Communion Forest Initiative
● Support investment in new or revitalized energy infrastructure systems in the public and private sectors that reflect a Just Transition from dated systems to renewables, from an extractive economy to a regenerative economy
● Encourage grassroots solutions to climate change including participation in food and creation care ministries such as Good News Gardens
● Reaffirm the commitment to environmental justice, climate justice, healthy oceans, and all waters, including preservation of ecosystems that support biodiversity
● Develop a roadmap to guide Dioceses and parishes to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, a way to measure progress, and financial and technical support to do this work
● Develop resources for Creation Care Liturgies, Eco-Grief ministries, and the education & training tools for the work of Environmental Land Restitution

For example, Memorial M006: Eliminate Single-use Plastics and support the UN Global Plastic Treaty, was proposed by the Green Deputies Caucus of General Convention. The caucus is urging the legislative committee to work with staff and caucus leaders to develop a resolution for church policy on this issue.

The Creation Care Caucus meets monthly on Zoom leading up to General Convention 81 in Louisville. Next meetings are May 8 and June 12 at 1 PM Pacific Time.

For more information or to join the Green Deputies Caucus, contact Emily Hopkins,