Church Publishing Incorporated Offers New Resources To Latinx Episcopalians

Church Publishing Incorporated
Posted Jul 28, 2020

The diversity of the Episcopal Church’s Latinx membership was on full display recently when more than a dozen representatives met alongside Church Pension Fund and Church Publishing Incorporated staff to discuss new resources for Spanish-speaking Christians.

Among the ongoing commitments discussed at the meeting were translation plans (from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish) for existing materials; seeking and supporting Latinx authors to develop books for children, youth, and adults; resources for seminaries and students, and materials for individuals and parishes. In addition, a consultation group to encourage new authors and advise editors is being formed.

“I am excited that CPI is seeking to expand publications to include Latinx authors. The dearth of materials by Latinxs for Latinx Episcopalians at all levels of Christian formation—from seekers to bishops—is quite a challenge, so we begin, the sooner the better,” said Juan M. C. Oliver, Custodian of the Book of Common Prayer.

One of three books in Spanish released this season is Michael Curry’s Following the Way of Jesus/Siguiendo el Camino de Jesùs. Bishop Curry is joined by thought leaders across the church to reflect on the Jesus movement, racial justice, multicultural ministries, and more. The book is translated by Adrian Cardenas.

Bishop Curry also wrote the preface to another new resource. The Spanish-language version of Receiving Jesus: The Way of Love/Recibiendo a Jesùs: El Camino del Amor by Mariann Edgar Budde, offers reflections on getting to know Jesus more deeply. Budde shares stories, both her own and those from the Bible, as well as seven practices to cultivate deep receptivity and personal growth.

Finally, Common Prayer for Children and Families/Oraciòn Comùn para Niños y Familias gives families accessible and meaningful prayers to say together throughout the year. With liturgies for all occasions that include children, such as camp, holidays, and school, this volume is intended to be the prayer book in Spanish for the younger generation of Episcopalians. The illustrated book was written by Jenifer Gamber and Timothy J. S. Seamans.

Yoimel Gonzàlez Hernàndez provided the translations for both Recibiendo a Jesùs and Oraciòn Comùn para Niños y Familias.

Church Publishing Incorporated is pleased to continue these vital partnerships to serve the Latinx community and eagerly anticipates more resources and new ways to meet the needs of an evolving Church.

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