Book: What Would Jesus See? By Dr. Aaron Rosen

Broadleaf Books
Posted Nov 9, 2023

What Would Jesus See? is an ideal book for Advent reading groups. It is widely available from local bookstores as well as Amazon and other online outlets.

In What Would Jesus See? (Broadleaf Books, 2023), Dr. Aaron Rosen, one of the world’s leading experts on art and religion, brings a fresh lens to the Gospels, informed by his experience as an art curator and scholar, as well as his life as a practicing Jew married to an Episcopal priest.

He examines Jesus’s eye for spectacle, and his tools for discerning truth amid a flurry of false appearances. As he applies Jesus’s view to key challenges facing society today, Rosen taps a surprising trove of examples drawn from art, current events, and popular culture. At the core of Jesus’s ministry, Rosen finds, is a call to look at our world — especially those who are most disadvantaged — with radical empathy.

Dr. Rosen is a curator, writer, and scholar. He taught at Columbia, Yale, and Oxford universities after receiving his Ph.D. from Cambridge. He is executive director of The Clemente Course in the Humanities and visiting professor at King’s College London. Rosen is the author of many other books, including Art & Religion in the 21st Century. He has provided commentary for various publications and outlets, including the Guardian, the Los Angeles Times,, PBS, and the BBC. He lives with his wife, the Rev. Dr. Carolyn Rosen, and their son on the coast of Maine, where he founded the Parsonage Gallery, exploring ecology and spirituality.