Book: The Three Conversions of the Christian Life

By Robert Lewis and Kevin Martin
Posted Feb 28, 2022

Go deeper! That’s the theme of a new book written by two Episcopal Priests, Robert Lewis and Kevin Martin. Combining teaching on Christian conversion with ecumenical and historical examples of holy women and holy men, The Three Conversions of the Christian Life explores what is often lacking in the lives of ordinary Christians.  The book is timely as we begin the spiritual journey of the Lenten season.

Using the image of turning once used by Dean Urban Homes, the authors explore the importance of turning fully to the life of purpose found in Christ, his church, and his mission.  “A fuller look at the life of Paul and his conversion reveals much more about our lives as Christians than is often found in the stereo-typical understanding of the Damascus Road experience,” states Martin, the retired dean of St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Dallas and the author of several books on healthy and vibrant churches.

“Anyone who wants to grow deeper in their spirituality will find examples of people who turned more fully toward Christ’s call to all of us,” added Robert Lewis, rector of St. Paul’s in Yuma, who contributed most of the examples used in the book.

In commending the book, Bishop Poulson Reed of Oklahoma urged that “This book makes the compelling case that turning to Christ must be followed by turning to the church and to mission if we are to live the Christian life in its fullness; Through inspiring examples of the converted(both famous and less so), and engaging questions (ideal for small group study), the authors show us the path of discipleship and help point the way.”

The Three Conversions of the Christian Life is available from Amazon and Resource Publications