Book – Christian Homeland: Episcopalians and the Middle East, 1820-1958

Oxford University Press
Posted Mar 13, 2023

Recently published by Oxford University Press, Christian Homeland focuses on the involvement of clergy and prominent laity of the Episcopal Church in Middle Eastern affairs, both religious and political, between the Greek War of Independence (1821-1829) and the Second Arab-Israeli War (1956-1957), with a brief epilogue covering additional activities up to the present day. This book analyses how Episcopalians’ ideas about the importance of the Middle East as the birthplace of Christianity not only guided their missionary outreach into the region in the early 19th century, but also influenced their response to major social and political questions of the late 19th and early 20th centuries – issues and events such as immigration into the United States, the Armenian genocide, refugee relief during two world wars, anti-Judaism, the Holocaust, Zionism, and the Palestinian Nakba.

The author, Gardiner H. Shattuck, Jr., is a retired Episcopal priest and historian who has published extensively on the involvement of American Christians in political and social issues, including the book Episcopalians and Race: Civil War to Civil Rights (2000). A Rhode Island resident, he currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Historical Society of the Episcopal Church and the Steering Committee of the African American Episcopal Historical Collection at Virginia Theological Seminary.

Publication date: December 2022

Hardcover – 304 pages

ISBN 978-0-19-766503-9

Price: $110.00  $77.00 (USD)

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