Award winning Episcopal history of a tradition of racism for adult and youth study groups

RGP Enterprise, LLC
Posted Jan 17, 2024

There are many good books on racism but few notable works that have as their focus the turmoil in the Episcopal Church as it lumbered toward integration. Justified By Her Children: Deeds of Courage Confronting a Tradition of Racism recounts the brave deeds of little known men, women and young people coming into conflict with the evils of racial segregation in the church.

In easy to read, clear and concise terms, Justified takes the reader through the story of life in the community and church as it was, exposing the tradition of racism in Virginia from the colonial enslavers to the massive resistance of  Virginia segregationist of the 1950s.  Justified by Her Children is ultimately a story of grace and forgiveness, but not before it wends its way through the trial and execution of the African American “Martinsville Seven,” past the whispers about the sexual orientation of the young, single priest, and a congregation in conflict over letting its white children eat a box supper with black children at a church mission event to benefit hungry brown children.

Justified by Her Children is one of the “books for individual reading and group book discussions” recommended by the Absalom Jones Episcopal Center for Racial Healing, reviewed in the Quarterly Journal of the Historical Society of the Episcopal Church (December 2021), and is the recipient of a 2022 Illumination Book Award given to “Shine a light on Exemplary Christian Books.”  With its discussion guide included, it was designed for the very purpose of aiding clergy and congregations in the journey to racial reconciliation.

Whether for Black History Month,  a Lenten study or Sunday school, Justified by Her Children will be an outstanding text for your adult and high school classes on racism and church history with its  discussion guide for each chapter.

Justified by Her Children is published in hardcover, or paperback by MarinerMedia. Also available at Amazon, B&N, GooglePlay,  Apple and wherever good books are sold.

Justified by Her Children is The Reverend Roy G. Pollina’s second book; his first book, To Bless a Child, was published by Church Publishing in 2009. He retired as rector from Christ Church in Martinsville, VA, in the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia after 30 years as a priest. You can visit his Facebook page at  Roy G Pollina, Author.