Archbishop Hosam commends Lent fundraising course

St. George's College, Jerusalem
Posted Feb 1, 2024

“This course Roads of Hurt and Hope connects us powerfully, not only to biblical stories, but also to the voices of those who live on these dangerous but faith-filled roads today. It beckons us to new solidarity with people in this Land of the Holy One facing trials with courage and trust. I commend it to you!”  — Archbishop Hosam Naoum, Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

Proceeds from this Lent course, written in Jerusalem, go to the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem for use in the rebuilding of the Anglican Hospital in Gaza and other vital projects under the leadership of Archbishop Hosam.

Roads of Hurt and Hope: Transformative Journeys in the Holy Land

Every step, as it were, raises funds to support our troubled sisters and brothers in Israel/Palestine. This resource for individuals or groups, suitable for any time of year but especially pertinent to Lent, leads us along five biblical roads that play an influential role both in our spiritual history and in the present day. These ancient paths, their stones full of biblical memories, evoke the travels of our ancestors in the faith and Jesus himself.  But they also cry out with their contemporary voices. This invigorating resource, written in Jerusalem by episcopal priest Andrew D. Mayes when recently serving as chaplain to St George’s College, includes a wide range of short interviews which immerse us in present-day realities. As we tread these roads across mountain, through valley, desert, coastland and city, we realize their potential to challenge and transform our perceptions, even the very course of our faith. We may never be the same again as we follow in the footsteps of Abraham, Jesus and courageous pilgrims, and as we hear the cries of today’s residents. Roads are about enabling movement. This timely  and unique resource helps us along in our faith journey, opening up new vistas and perspectives, and stimulating a movement in the soul, as insights are gained and challenges embraced.


1 Way of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs: Forging Adventurous Faith (incl. Nablus)
2 Via Maris, Way of the Sea: Establishing Solidarity with the Hurting (incl. Gaza)
3 Road through Wilderness: Risking Insane Compassion (incl. Bedouin, Judean desert)
4 Via Dolorosa, Way of the Cross: Encountering Indefatigable Courage (people living on this street)
5 Road to Emmaus: Building Unbreakable Hope (interfaith projects incl Jew/Arab reconciliation at Nicopolis  and Qubeibeh)
Andrew Mayes was formerly Spirituality Adviser to the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf, Director of Courses at St George’s College Jerusalem and is the author of 16 spirituality books, published by SPCK, Paulist Press, Cistercian Publications etc.
As Archbishop Hosam observes, this resource helps create bonds of solidarity with those presently suffering in the Holy Land, while enabling a fresh look at scripture in such a way as to deepen our discipleship – and raise funds for Christian ministry in Israel/Palestine.