‘A Wonderful and Sacred Mystery’ on parish development

Order of the Ascension
Posted Jun 3, 2024

Brother Robert, OA & Sister Michelle, OATwo Professed Members of the Order of the Ascension are writing about parish development, social ethics, and Episcopal Church matters in A Wonderful and Sacred Mystery on Substack. 

Brother Robert Gallagher, OA and Sister Michelle Heyne, OA have worked together in writing four books on parish development and articles in the Organization Development Practitioner, including “Understanding from Within: Working in Religious Systems.” They are the lead trainers of Shaping the Parish, a two year Zoom based training program.

Recent articles have been “Scrubbing white marble steps: Lifts her poor, half-hearted, weary and wandering children heavenward”, “Four Growth Strategies: Organic – Culture – Appreciative – Personal” and “Antisemitism is like crabgrass: A time for humility.”

You can subscribe for free at A Wonderful and Sacred Mystery