A Better Social Media Experience for Episcopalians

Posted Nov 15, 2022

As dissatisfaction with Twitter and other centralized social media platforms grows, one Episcopalian has responded by launching a Mastodon server geared for Episcopalians.

episcodon.net is designed to be a safe and pleasant community for all individuals and groups connected to The Episcopal Church,” said John Clinton Bradley, the administrator of episcodon.net. “Our server rules discourage many types of harmful behavior found on other social media platforms. Members are in complete control of what content they see and with whom they interact.”

Mastodon is a decentralized platform of independent servers. Founded in 2016 by Eugen Rochko, Mastodon has steadily grown in popularity. During the last month, thousands of new servers and millions of new members have joined the network. Members of episcodon.net can read, follow, and interact with members of other Mastodon servers if they wish.

Visit https://episcodon.net to join. Membership is free. It is not supported by advertising, but members are welcome to make recurring donations using Patreon. Members can participate in episcodon.net through a web browser or a mobile app.