Interim Rector / Rector

Albany, NY
Posted May 15, 2024
Job Title
Interim Rector / Rector
Name of church or organization
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
Albany, NY
Job Description
St. Andrew’s is a welcoming and inclusive community, called to love and serve all in Jesus’ name. We believe that our call is to respect the dignity of every human being and care for all of God’s creation. Through our worship, fellowship, education, and outreach, we strive to weave together a community that is compassionate, healing, accepting, and open to God’s grace. We are looking for a full-time Rector and/or Interim Rector whose vision and creativity will help us grow as we embrace the challenges of the future. We are looking for a Rector and/or Interim Rector who practices inclusivity, whose preaching helps connect the scripture to our challenges in the twenty-first century, and who has a pastoral focus. We also look forward to working with a Rector who will help us continue our dedication to social and racial justice. Children and families have always been an important component of our parish life; however, we have seen the number of families dwindle as the challenges of modern family life, especially after COVID, have increased. We are looking for a Rector who will help us engage and energize young families and youth. Our Rector is our spiritual guide as we strengthen and build the bonds of community, faith, and love. While all of this may seem like a high bar to accomplish, we at St. Andrew’s look forward to the journey ahead with a new Rector who shares in our call and is inspired by faith.
Type of Commitment
Full Time
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Application Process
Contact the Diocesan Transition Minister
The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Papazoglakis