Great Falls, VA
Posted May 22, 2024
Job Title
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St. Francis Episcopal Church
Great Falls, VA
Job Description
We are looking for a leader who, building on our strengths, can reengage those who are present in the community, but no longer active members, and strengthen St. Francis through involvement with the larger community around us. We need someone who is family and youth oriented and excited about building and strengthening youth-oriented teaching and social programs to fulfill the needs of families in the surrounding community. Someone who embodies caring for our people in a way that makes them feel comfortable in talking with the priest. A person flexible and attuned to the wide spectrum of generations, both youth with their social media facility and the boomer generation with their more reserved sensitivities. Someone who is dependable and likes to get things done in a commonsense way. A skilled communicator who values her/his connection with people. A person who looks forward to working with the church community to develop new activities and strengthen old ones in a caring and supportive way.
Type of Commitment
Full Time
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Application Process
To apply, please send a cover letter, OTM, and a resume (if desired) to the Rev. Shirley Smith Graham, If questions, please email or call: 804-622-3180.
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