Assistant to the Rector

Arlington, VA
Type: Clergy
Posted Sep 1, 2020
Job Title
Assistant to the Rector
Name of church or organization
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
Job Location
Arlington, VA
Job Description
Position Description for the Assistant to the Rector

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Arlington, Virginia

St. Peter’s is seeking an energetic and creative ordained person who has a passion for program development and Christian formation for people of all ages. The development of programs aimed at every demographic in the parish is the essence of our strategy for the future growth and spiritual health of the parish. The Assistant to the Rector will be a key part of leading and implementing this effort.

The Assistant to the Rector shares with the Rector in the ministries of ordained leadership, including worship, preaching, teaching, and pastoral care. The Rector and Assistant Rector also serve as clergy liaisons to a number of different Committees and Commissions.

The Assistant to the Rector, assisted by a part-time Youth Minister and by volunteer a Sunday School Director(s), will provide clergy oversight to our Sunday School and Godly Play programs from pre-school age to Senior High.

The Assistant to the Rector, assisted by lay volunteers, will direct and expand our Family Ministry Programs program, that reaches out to parents and families with young children. At present, it meets once a month for potluck suppers and special events throughout the year.

The Assistant to the Rector will also develop new programs for older members of the congregation.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church is a parish of over 1000 baptized members located in Arlington, VA, less than 5 miles from downtown Washington, D.C. Our parish has some wonderfully unique qualities that shape and form our life as a community of faith. We enjoy music and laughter; we take seriously our worship and prayer; we place a high value on Christian formation for all ages; and we work continually to reach out to those in need through multiple ministries. Christian development of our youth is a high priority and they are involved in all dimensions of our life together. We have an active music program including a children’s choir, a family choir, a men’s choir, and an inter-generational bell choir. We are a community of all ages, committed to using our gifts in the service of others and to the glory of God.  We welcome between 200 and 300 worshipers at 8AM, 9AM, and 11 AM services each Sunday.

Job Requirements:

  • 3-5 years ordained experience in the Episcopal Church.
  • Previous experience assisting in the ministries of ordained leadership, including worship, regular preaching, teaching, and pastoral care.
  • Strong desire and experience to develop targeted, resilient, programs for people of all ages in the parish, e.g., young parents, the elderly, families, single, young adults.
  • Ability to build relationships in the parish quickly to motivate and recruit others to help with program initiatives.
  • Strong communication skills with people of all ages.
  • Strong organizational and project management skills, i.e., a “self-starter.”
  • Ability to recruit, inspire, and manage volunteers to implement program objectives.
  • Knowledge of safety issues such as appropriate adult supervision, written permission slips, physical safety, and emergency procedures.
  • Participate in parish mission trips, as available.
  • Offer, periodically, to lead Adult Forum sessions on Sunday mornings.

Responsibilities for Sunday School and Godly Play

  • Provide clergy oversight to the Sunday School and Godly Play programs, working alongside our volunteer Sunday School Director(s).
  • Support recruitment and training of Sunday School and Godly Play teachers
  • Advise with the selection of appropriate curricular materials
  • Create, as needed, special programs for Sunday School age children and their parents.

Responsibilities for Youth Ministry

  • Provide clergy oversight to the programs for junior and senior high aged youth in collaboration with the part-time Youth Minister.
  • Assist the Youth Minister in recruiting and managing adult/parent volunteers.
  • Assist the Youth Minister in the creation and implementation of special programs for the children and youth of the parish.

Responsibilities for Family Ministry

  • Expand, lead, and develop programs for family ministry
  • Recruit and manage adult/parent volunteers.

Christian Formation and Program Development for Adults and Older Members of the Congregation

  • Create spiritual growth, fellowship, and educational opportunities for small groups (5-10) of parents of young children.
  • Meet with the “Thursday Ears,” a weekly “short-story” discussion group (older adults)
  • Develop and implement new targeted programs to meet the needs of the older members of the congregation.
  • Participate in training as a Living Compass Community Wellness Advocate and develop related programs targeted to specific age groups.

Additional duties as assigned.

The anticipated starting date for this new position is December 1, 2020,

Type of commitment
Full Time
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Application Process
Interested applicants may send a cover letter, resume, and OTM Profile to:

The Rev. Craig A. Phillips, Ph.D., Rector
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
4250 North Glebe Road
Arlington, VA 22207-4500

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