Third Annual Border Ministries Summit

Virtual Summit
Nov. 20-21
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Third Annual Border Ministries Summit
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Virtual Summit
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The Virtual Border Ministries Summit 2020 registration is now open with presentations from those at the center of the immigrant community in San Diego. Our focus will be on Christian Peacemaking in a World of Conflict. Learn from undocumented people, deportees, first-generation immigrants and Christian leaders who live in Tijuana and San Diego. We will hear from Episcopal / Anglican Bishops and other leaders on both sides of the border, as well as from the Border Patrol and legal experts. We will not only learn about immigration but will be equipped with tangible Christian Peacemaking practices to live out in our own contexts as Everyday Peacemakers. The pain is real and the opportunity for transformation and healing is as well.  This is the Third Annual Border Summit, designed for Episcopal and other Christian leaders wanting more information about the US-Mexico border, and for those who want to learn the basics of becoming Christian Peacemakers in this time of deep division.

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Keynote Presentation by Jon Huckins, Global Immersion Project

The Opportunity of Conflict: Becoming Everyday Peacemakers on the Border, around our tables, on our streets and in our world. 

Five minutes on our smart phones and we are again confronted with the conflicted reality of our country and world. Today, the US-Mexico border is a focus of conflict between varying viewpoints on immigration, ethnicity, language, and culture. As followers of Jesus, do we throw up our arms and walk away or roll up our sleeves and join God in healing our broken world? The work of peacemaking is often stigmatized as something soft and idealistic reserved for political power brokers or those on the fringes of society. As followers of an others-oriented, enemy-loving God, it is clear that peacemaking is neither soft nor idealistic, but a subversive, costly way of life that moves us toward conflict armed to heal rather than to win. What if conflict isn’t a problem to fix, but an opportunity for transformation? What are the tools we need in order to move toward conflict in our relationships, neighborhoods and world as participants in God’s mission of restoration? This keynote talk and corresponding workshops will integrate teaching, lived storytelling & group processing to equip you with a theology for peacemaking and offer a tangible set of practices to join God in mending the divides of our conflicted world. The keynote will focus on border issues as a locus of conflict, while providing theology and tools with wide applicability for Christian peacemakers everywhere.

Jon Huckins and other leaders of the Global Immersion Project will also be leading two workshop going into depth on Christian Peacemaking skills. 

If we take seriously Jesus’ call to be Everyday Peacemakers, our lives are often anything but peaceful. We are called to speak truth to power, build bridges, tear down walls and share tables with those we disagree with. It is meaningful and necessary work… and it’s exhausting.

The good news is, there’s another option. The bad news is, it means you have to actually trust in the restorative heart of God and not in your own abilities to fix the world.

This is not about building the capacity to do more… it is about pursuing a peacemaking practice that is an honest outpouring of your belovedness.

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