Mission Advocacy, Racial Justice, and Reconciliation Retreat

West Cornwall, CT (Trinity Retreat Center)
Aug. 9-11
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Mission Advocacy, Racial Justice, and Reconciliation Retreat
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Trinity Retreat Center
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Come pray, reflect, and consider your unique gifts for mission advocacy, racial justice, and reconciliation. By means of deep reflection, unlearn the norms of white supremacy culture, and untether from principalities and powers. You will also explore how rest can enable the theological imagination to move from simply professing faith to embodying it. See how God is calling you to a deeper level of spiritual commitment to love and serve the Lord.

Led by the Rev. Cn. Ranjit K. Mathews.

The Rev. Cn. Ranjit K. Mathews serves as the Canon for Mission Advocacy, Racial Justice, and Reconciliation in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. Ranjit works with parish and diocesan leadership to make real God’s realm of justice, love, and peace, with a focus on ECCT’s commitment to dismantle racism and white supremacy in our nation and in our church.

He graduated from George Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and from Union Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree with a focus on contextual theology.

He previously served as Partnership Officer for Africa on the staff of the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. As such Ranjit functioned as a diplomat to Anglican provinces and dioceses in Africa south of the Sahara, working toward mutual mission priorities among Anglican/Episcopal partners in the region.