Grown-Up Summer Camp Retreat

London, OH
July 18-20
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Grown-Up Summer Camp Retreat
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Procter Center
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Renew and Restore at this “Summer Camp” retreat for grown-ups!

July 18-20, Noon to Noon, The Procter CenterWho says camp is just for kids? Adults need time to engage in play and rest, and have time set apart to connect with God, ourselves, and one another. This Choose Your Own Adventure Adult Summer Camp will be guided by spiritual companion, retreat leader, and creative minister Callie Swanlund. Drawing on her book on overcoming burnout, she’ll share practices for finding flourishing in our faith and lives. In between structured sessions, there will be abundant opportunities to rest your body, refresh your spirit, and find joy in God’s creation.

As a camper, you will have the opportunity to rest and restore at your own pace. Whether it’s sitting lakeside with a good book, napping in a hammock, or taking a peaceful walk through the gardens, you can choose how to honor this sacred practice in your own way.

Canoeing, lake swimming, forest hiking, fishing, farm camp, pickleball, craft hour, board games, and other classic camp activities will be available for those who need to reconnect with their childlike wonder and sense of play.

Meals will be made farm-to-table style and feature Procter’s locally grown goodness. Each day will include times for prayer, worship, and binge-watching campfires.

Come and be nourished body, spirit, and soul!

Accommodation options are our Lodge and Cottage spaces, and all meals and snacks are included.

The Rev. Callie Swanlund is a retreat leader, spiritual companion/ministry coach, and writer who helps others know their belovedness and find their Spark. She leads individuals and groups in the work of Dr. Brené Brown as a Certified Daring Way Facilitator. Callie’s new book, From Weary to Wholehearted, is a best-selling restorative resource for overcoming burnout. Her film, How2charist: Digital Instructed Eucharist, has reached Christians and curious individuals around the world. She lives with her partner and two children in Philadelphia. Find out more at
The Procter Center is located in Southern Ohio and is close to Columbus and Cincinnati airports; shuttles are available upon request.
Procter is easily drivable from Nashville, Chicago, Pittsburg, Detroit, Indianapolis, and more.
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Jerusalem Greer