Freedom to Seek: Adventure into the Wild Divine

Hendersonville, NC (and online)
June 17-20
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Freedom to Seek: Adventure into the Wild Divine
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Summer Conference: Freedom to Seek: Adventure into the Wild Divine

June 17-20, 2024


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Kanuga’s summer conference welcomes spiritual seekers of all backgrounds to deepen and expand your current concept of who you are in relation to the Divine. With love as our foundation, we will support participants in deconstructing harmful beliefs, adopting supportive spiritual practices, and engaging in guided writing exercises.

Three phases: Chrysalis, Spreading Our Wings, and Taking Flight, will be explored individually and in the community. Time is built in for you to be renewed in nature, cultivate your ability to find sacred space, and restore your connection with the Divine in the world around you. Our gathering will include intentional reflection, sharing insights with others as you are inclined, and supporting one another in our commitment to ongoing spiritual expansion. Join us for this spiritual adventure rooted in love.



Chantal McKinney
Chantal is a life-long seeker of the Divine. She is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, practitioner of community development, and former church planter who walks in the two worlds of spirituality and religion. She is passionate about the rising of the Spirit and the Divine Feminine. She awaits the publication of her first book, Liberating Your Divinity From Within: A Guidebook for Your Spiritually Expansive Journey, which was largely written while being immersed in the natural world, allowing her to uncouple the wisdom of Spirit from the over-thinking mind. After serving in the Episcopal Church as a priest for twenty years, she founded Root Thrive Soar and works with churches and faith organizations around the country who are ready to shift towards being the church in/among their communities by aligning themselves with the Spirit’s movement in the world around them. Learn more at

John Roedel

John is a comic who unexpectedly gained notability as a writer and poet through his heartfelt Facebook conversations with “God” that went viral. John has since gone on to write multiple Amazon best-selling books.

Offering a sincere and very relatable look at his faith crisis, mental health, personal struggles, perception of our world, and even his fashion sense, John’s writing has been shared millions of times across social media and lauded by fans and readers worldwide. He teaches at universities and retreat centers across the US, blending his trademark comedy with creative exercises, journaling, dialogue, and introspection to help people fearlessly embrace and share their personal stories. Learn more at