Community of the Gospel e-Vocation 2020

Virtual Conference
Oct. 1-4
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Community of the Gospel e-Vocation 2020
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Virtual Conference
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As a non-residential religious community with standing in The Episcopal Church, the Community of the Gospel claims almost 60 members and friends across the United States and in the Bahamas. The community gathers in open meetings annually for prayer, worship, study, fellowship and Chapter meeting.  In the spirit of traditional monastic hospitality, all of these meetings (except Chapter) are open to any interested individual. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 face to face meetings were cancelled. However, a Zoom series of four 2-3 hour meetings from October 1 through October 4 are being offered. These free events are called: e-Vocation 2020. The series will be attractive to all Community of the Gospel members and friends as well as other individuals exploring monastic vocation, contemplative spirituality, and Gospel values and practices. All are welcome!
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