GC81 Daily Digest, June 28: Closing legislative sessions and a post-convention drag show

Posted Jun 28, 2024
Calvary Episcopal Church

Calvary Episcopal Church, less than a mile south of the Kentucky International Convention Center, will host a Drag Me to Church show at 7 p.m. June 28 at 821 S. Fourth St. Photo: David Paulsen/Episcopal News Service

[Episcopal News Service — Louisville, Kentucky] The 81st General Convention concludes June 28 with final debates and votes in the House of Deputies and House of Bishops on resolutions covering a range of topics, including diocesan mergers, Middle East peace, prayer book revision and potential sites of the 83rd General Convention in 2030.

Legislative sessions are underway at the Kentucky International Convention Center. You can find full, regularly updated ENS coverage here. A lot can happen on any given day at General Convention, including the final day. News that doesn’t make it into a full story gets filed into our daily digest.

Bishops, deputies invited to ‘Drag Me to Church’ after convention’s close

Less than a mile south of the convention center, Calvary Episcopal Church has been planning to welcome bishops and deputies to a special post-convention drag show. The LGBTQ+-welcoming church is known for hosting “Drag Me to Church” performances in the past and looks forward to sharing the experience with leaders of the wider church.

“We are so excited to welcome our siblings in Christ to ‘Drag Me to Church’ in celebration of Pride Month and the good work of the 81st General Convention of the Episcopal Church,” the Rev. Lee Shaver, Calvary’s rector and a deputy from the Diocese of Kentucky, told ENS. “All are welcome! This is another opportunity to come ‘Together in Love.'”

The church can hold 600 people, and Shafer said there should be room for those who haven’t reserved a seat in advance. The show starts at 7 p.m. at 821 S. Fourth St. and will be emceed by Cadillac Seville, a member of the congregation.

The show is free, though donations will be taken to support Calvary’s organ restoration fund.

–David Paulsen

GC81 commends Episcopal Communicators on 50th anniversary; uplifts communications as vital ministry

The 81st General Convention of The Episcopal Church has passed Resolution D001 commending the work of Episcopal Communicators and celebrating the organization’s 50th anniversary. This resolution underscores the vital role of communications in furthering the Church’s mission and ministries.

Key points of the resolution include:

  1. Recognition of Episcopal Communicators’ contributions to fostering excellence in church communications through education, networking, and resource sharing.
  2. Celebration of the organization’s 50-year history, which began with an assembly of diocesan editors in coordination with The Episcopal Church Center.
  3. Affirmation that communicators are integral to furthering the spread of the Gospel and that communication is essential to various church ministries, including formation, evangelism, worship, and community engagement.

Liz Williams, board member of Episcopal Communicators and lay deputy from the Diocese of Georgia, spoke about the resolution, thanking the countless communications professionals who made Episcopal Communicators what it is today and acknowledging the dedicated ministry of professionals in the Episcopal Communicators network.

“Our mission is to foster a community that inspires and supports excellence in church communications, and I can proudly say that our members value that community above all else,” Williams said. “Communicators in The Episcopal Church are integral to furthering the Gospel, and we are proud to be heralds of that Gospel.”

The resolution highlights the ongoing partnership between The Episcopal Church’s Office of Communication and Episcopal Communicators, emphasizing the organization’s role in increasing the presence and capacity of church communications.

This acknowledgment by the General Convention reflects The Episcopal Church’s commitment to effective communication as a cornerstone of its ministry and outreach efforts.

Episcopal Communicators is a network of professionals dedicated to excellence in sharing the Gospel through various media within The Episcopal Church. This self-supporting, membership-based network fosters community, develops technical skills, and advocates for communications ministry to empower its members in effectively telling stories of faith.

For more information about Episcopal Communicators and to join the network, visit the Episcopal Communicators website.

–ENS Staff

House of Deputies honors General Convention’s executive officer, the Rev. Michael Barlowe

The Rev. Michael Barlowe, who has served as the executive officer for General Convention for the past 11 years, was honored by the House of Deputies with a surprise resolution as he prepares to retire in August.

The resolution noted his innovative ministry through his introduction of the virtual binder, replacing what had been for decades an actual binder full of paper copies of resolutions that gave deputies, bishops and people around The Episcopal Church an easier way to access resolutions and other information about General Convention.

House of Deputies President Julia Ayala Harris then presented Barlowe with the Presidential Service Award and presented him with a pen “to write your memoir and letters in retirement.”

–Melodie Woerman