Scottish Episcopal Church Synod issues statement on Israel-Palestine

Posted Jun 18, 2024

[Scottish Episcopal Church] On the final day of General Synod 2024, June 15, at St. Paul’s & St. George’s Episcopal Church in Edinburgh, business was dominated by debate over Israel-Palestine.

During debate, Synod members agreed to three items on the matter:

  1. Welcome and affirm the recent statement of the College of Bishops calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and a just peace in Israel-Palestine, and the nomination of Friends of the Holy Land as recipient of the Synod Offering;
  2. Call upon the College of Bishops to continue to speak boldly in the name of this Church on matters of justice and human rights;
  3. Express its solidarity with the Diocese of Jerusalem and the Middle East, and other Christian communities in Palestine-Israel; and its profound grief and horror at all the violence and suffering experienced by people in Israel-Palestine over many years.

Earlier in the meeting, motions were adopted regarding nuclear weapons and ways for the church to address its historic links with the slave trade.

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