Church of England announces proposed financial awards for victims of church-related abuse

Posted Apr 25, 2024

[The Church of England] Details of the proposed financial award framework for the Church of England’s national Redress Scheme for survivors and victims of church-related abuse have been published.

If approved through the Church of England’s legislative processes, the framework would result in individual awards of between about $6,200 and more than $825,000 in rare and exceptional circumstances.

The Redress Project Board recommendation follows many months of detailed conversations and consultation with survivors of church-related abuse. Financial awards would be calculated by taking into account factors such as the nature of the abuse and its impact on the applicant. In addition to individual financial awards, the Redress Scheme will offer eligible applicants other forms of redress, such as emotional and therapeutic support, and apology.

The chair of the Redress Project Board, the Rt. Rev. Philip Mounstephen, said, “The recommended financial awards framework, developed with guidance and input from survivors and external experts, aims to address the range of suffering experienced, offering financial redress in a clear and transparent manner. No amount of money can ever undo the past. Our hope, nonetheless, is that this could be a significant step both towards the acknowledgment of wrongdoing, and, however incompletely, towards helping rebuild lives.”

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