Jerusalem’s Christian leaders send Easter messages

Posted Mar 28, 2024

[Episcopal News Service] The leaders representing a variety of Christian faith groups in Jerusalem, called the Patriarchs and Heads of the Churches in Jerusalem, have issued an Easter message in which they recognize “the intense suffering that surrounds us here in the Holy Land, as well as in many other parts of the world,” even as they “proclaim to the world the Good News of Christ’s Resurrection, first announced by angels nearly two millennia ago at the empty tomb here in the Holy City of Jerusalem.”

They offered special greetings “to those of the faithful in Gaza who have been bearing especially heavy crosses over the past several months. These include those taking refuge inside St. Porphyrios and Holy Family Churches, as well as the courageous staff and volunteers of the Anglican-run Ahli Hospital, along with the patients they serve.”

The leaders also repeated their “denunciation of all violent actions in the present devastating war, especially those directed against innocent civilians, and we reiterate our call for an immediate and sustained ceasefire.”

The message also included a plea “for the speedy distribution of humanitarian aid; the release of all captives; the unimpeded access of fully-equipped doctors and medical staff to tend the sick and injured; and the opening of internationally facilitated negotiations aimed at ending and moving beyond the present cycle of violence.”

Noting that all the faith groups they represent do not celebrate Easter on the same date — most Christians will be celebrating Easter on March 31,while Orthodox churches will mark the observance on May 5 — the leaders said they came together to offer a unified message.

Read the entire message here.