Images from the Marshall Islands portray pain and pursuit of justice in wake of nuclear tests

Posted Mar 12, 2024

[World Council of Churches] As a photo exhibition from the Marshall Islands opened March 8 at the World Council of Churches office in Geneva, Switzerland, speakers offered a stark overview of the damage done by nuclear testing, as well as the resilience and determination of the Marshallese people to pursue justice.

The Rev. James Bhagwan, general secretary of the Pacific Conference of Churches, noted that the 470 tests that took place in the Pacific in the 50 years following the end of World War II were the equivalent to 9,010 Hiroshima bombs.” Today, nuclear-related waste continues to leak into portions of the Pacific, the “food source of the region and fishing ground of the world,” he said. 

The Rev. Karen Georgia Thompson, president of the U.S. United Church of Christ and a member of the WCC central and executive committees, expressed the WCCs ongoing commitment is to continue to journey with the Marshall Islands in the quest for justice and compensation. 

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