Church of England Synod to address biodiversity, safeguarding, racial justice and Prayers of Love and Faith

Posted Feb 12, 2024

[The Church of England] The General Synod of the Church of England will meet later this month in London to discuss the biodiversity agenda of the church’s overall environment program, racial justice, and Prayers of Love and Faith that ask for God’s blessing for same-sex couples.

General Synod will meet Feb. 23-27, and papers on Synod sessions have recently been published.

A Land and Nature motion will seek to give biodiversity equal consideration with net zero carbon, recognizing the need to respond urgently to the ecological crisis. The motion also addresses land and property owned by the church, at parish, diocese and national level.

Synod will be invited to discuss and endorse the process for engaging with two reports on safeguarding in the church: first, a report on lessons learned by the barrister Sarah Wilkinson, published in December, and second, recommendations from the forthcoming review from Alexis Jay into the Future of Church Safeguarding. The Archbishops’ Council has set up a group to advise it on how to respond to the reviews.

There also will be a report on progress on the work on Living in Love and Faith, resources on teaching and learning about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage.

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