WCC calls for immediate end to brutal violence in Gaza

Posted Jan 2, 2024

[World Council of Churches] As a year of exceptional and increasing conflict draws to a close, and as we pray for peace for all in 2024, “that prospect seems nowhere more remote than for the suffering and traumatized people of Gaza,” said the Rev. Jerry Pillay, general secretary of  the World Council of Churches.

“Since the shocking attacks of 7 October in southern Israel, in which Hamas militants killed 1,200 people – mostly civilians – and took 240 others hostage, Israel’s military response in Gaza has become tantamount to a war not only against Hamas but against all the people of the territory,” he said.

At least 21,500 Gazans have been killed, and almost 56,000 injured, while a staggering 1.9 million people – more than 80% of the population – have been displaced.

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