Archbishop of Canterbury announces ‘The Love That Is God’ as winner of Michael Ramsey Prize

Posted Dec 18, 2023

[Archbishop of Canterbury] A book by Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt, The Love That Is God: An Invitation to the Christian Faith, was named the winner of the Michael Ramsey Prize 2023. The author received about $19,000 and was presented with a medal by the archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Justin Welby, at a ceremony  at Lambeth Palace Library on Dec. 14. The book award celebrates the most promising contemporary theological writing throughout the church.

The book explores the idea that God is love and demonstrates how this radical claim sits at the center of Jesus’ teachings.

Welby said, “I am delighted to award this prize to a book that embodies the heart of Christian faith. ‘God is love’ is a timeless message that drives us deeper into God’s arms and outwards to love others, as Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt expertly unpacks. I am grateful to all the immensely talented writers who featured in the prize this year and greatly enjoyed reading the wide array of excellent writing on the shortlist.”

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