Church of England community organizing project will expand to more churches

Posted Nov 15, 2023

[Church of England] A community organizing project which has increased the number of children and young people at church is to be expanded to more parishes.

The Centre for Theology and Community, based in east London, has been awarded more than $560,000 by the Strategic Mission and Ministry Investment Board to extend its work to more than 50 parishes across the country.

The award follows a successful three-year pilot project backed by Strategic Development Funding and run by the Centre for Theology and Community, with support from community organizers and churches in Citizens UK.

This helped six parishes in the Barking and Stepney areas in community organizing, rooted in prayer and life of the church, to renew their congregations and develop leaders. More than 100 more worshippers now attend these churches every week, 40 of whom are under 18.

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