Archbishops of Canterbury and York deliver joint opening address to General Synod

Posted Nov 14, 2023

[Church of England] On Nov. 13, the Most Rev. Justin Welby, archbishop of Canterbury, and the Most Rev. Stephen Cottrell, archbishop of York, delivered a joint address to the church’s General Synod, meeting in London.

Welby’s remarks centered on conflicts taking place around the world, including in Ukraine, Israel and Gaza, as well as natural disasters, famines and droughts. He said, “I want to reflect on what it means to be part of the global church in a time of suffering, and particularly in a time when, as the secretary general of the United Nations said on Sept. 19 at the general assembly, the world is like a door off its hinges.”

His full remarks are available here.

Cottrell spoke about the church’s decisions around offering blessings to same-sex couples, known as “Living in Love and Faith,” which the synod will address further during its meeting. He acknowledged differing views about the plan, saying “This is the question I keep coming back to: how can we know and see Jesus in the discussions of this synod, knowing there are heavy disagreements between us?

His full remarks are available here.